Spectacular sherpa steps with a panoramic view of Stadhavet and amazing sunsets.

The idea of ​​Hakalletrappa sherpa steps

The idea for the sherpa steps to Kraksethornet came from two boys from Hakallestranda who love traveling and climbing mountains. The landowner was positive about the project and in November 2020, Hakallestranda Utvikling decided to provide NOK 2 million as start-up capital and drew up a plan for how the stairs could be realized. In order to succeed, it was absolutely crucial that the project was firmly rooted in the village. Hakalletrappa is now a collaborative project between Åram IL and Hakallestranda Utvikling.

Hakalletrappa received a building permit in May 2022. Sparebanken Møre provided a check for half a million and Vanylven Commune with three quarter of a million. Early in 2023, Stibyggeren (Geirr Vetti) was contacted and agreed to start during the summer. In mid-June 2023, 4 sherpas arrived and worked for almost seven weeks and established just under 400 steps. Later in the autumn, the same four returned and made a further 200 steps. By the end of 2023, the Hakalletrappa has reached almost 600 steps up to Klovninghammaren and a third towards the top.  In the early summer of 2024 we mangae to get 4 sherpa s back and they built a further 200 steps.  


600 out of 2000 steps in place

Experienced sherpas

Over 100 registered moutain tours in Vanylven

"Panoramic view towards the sea."

Sissel Smaller

"The Hakalletrappa will be Norway´s most beautiful Sherpa staircase....... iat least among top 3!"

Geirr Vetti



Vanylven – Norge

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